Why Mervamon makes me mad


I have to apologize beforehand, because this is not something I usually do, but I really feel like ranting right now. The thing is… I hate the very concept of Mervamon.


Minervamon is cool, but, while they did get the war aspect, she doesn’t represent wisdom in any way, and that’s an important part of Minerva/Athena. Because of this, the idea of giving her an evolution or a Mode change is actually really good.

And then, we got Mervamon.


Let’s take a look at her profile:

A God Man Digimon which belongs to the Olympos XII and has the appearance of a woman. It is a figure that matured and amassed experience and achievements while it passed time as a Minervamon, and its personality became very calmed down and adult compared to its time as Minervamon.

It became Mervamon to pursue elegance and sensuality, and as its behavior, speech, and conduct are wholly overflowing with elegance, it brings about the sensuality in its surroundings. It seeks sensuality in battle, and displays its refined, elegant dance to mesmerize observers. As such, there appear to be a great number of Digimon that became fans of Mervamon from being a witness.

Other than a forward rolling slash with its greatsword “Olympia Kai” drawn and filled with power (Final Strike Roll), its “Night Stalker”, which extends the “Medullia” on its left arm and swallows the opponent whole, pursues the opponent anywhere, and using Mervamon’s glamor it exploits the vitality of the opponents that inhale its “Love Poison”, a toxic mist sprayed from the Medullia’s mouth. If touched with the “Madness Merry-go-round DX”, which becomes a tornado by performing a spinning slash, too quick to catch with the eyes, with the “Olympia Kai” and “Medullia”, the opponent is instantly torn limb from limb.

SENSUALITY IS MENTIONED 3 TIMES. 3 TIMES. You can sum this profile up as “Minervamon has boobs all of a sudden. Everybody loves her because she hot, and she wants to be SEXY in battle”.

Their problem wasn’t that she didn’t represent wisdom, it was that she wasn’t sexy enough. And that makes me mad.

Mervamon is a pile of waste and disappointment.

God I loathe this titty monster